A Little Leaven…

Oh the power of leaven! People will often attribute leaven to sin, but the Bible attributes leaven as something that works through a lump of dough thoroughly. As believers in Christ, we are called to be good leaven! When we come into an area, we are to change that environment for good. I see our team as leaven for good. Whether that’s your encouragement, prayers, or support we continue to appreciate your involvement in our desire to evangelize wherever God leads us, and places our feet! That is good leaven working together!
As I write this I’m getting ready to go to Haiti again where we will continue to disciple believers, We often times do that while working together on a special project that needs to be done. These projects help the area tremendously as the need for food is always very real.
On the ground in Haiti, primary school classes began last Monday for the kids. As always with schools the first week is just a trial run, and then they get serious by the second week! Ha ha. That’s just the culture. While we are there, we are planning to build a 10,000 gallon underground water storage tank To catch the runoff from the church roof. This water will be used to water the plantains and banana plants on the Gospel for the Nations land. Part of the plantains will be used to distribute to widows in our area.
Last week our church in Haiti had their first youth conference! We hope that this will be a yearly event that continues to strengthen the young people in our area. The kids are the future of Haiti, and one of the ways that Haiti is going to change for the better. Please continue to pray for those affected by the earthquakes and tropical storm that followed. As I’ve told many people on Facebook, the earthquakes and the tropical storm did not affect us in our area at all. Praise God! They did feel the shaking, and the aftershock, but All is well in Tinot, Pignon, and Kandelon! Pray also that as we go out into the marketplace we would have much opportunity to see people saved, delivered and healed. Just a short note, but wanted to catch you up on all that is happening. I leave for Haiti in a couple of days! Thank you for continuing to pray for us as lives are changed in this area!

We love you all,
Darrell Tonsing

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Digging in preparation for the water storage cistern!

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