2021 Leaving in a Blaze of Glory!

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Hello Friends,

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! It has been a good year in the ministry! Jesus came into the world, and while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. What a great time of the year to celebrate people being saved!
It seems as if the enemy is pulling out all the stops in peoples lives by doing whatever he can to get them to stop doing what God has said to do. In these last days personally, and as a ministry we have to be committed first of all to God‘s will, and God Himself promises to protect us from things that will come against us as we follow him! It comes as no surprise that the enemy would seek to attack our marriages full on. Please keep our marriage in your prayers as well, it is under attack.
Concerning the missionaries that were captured in Haiti, two were released initially, and all the others escaped by something God himself could only get credit for! (Reply to this mailing and I will send you the behind the scenes story from their mission organization. Its good!) Praise God and thanks for praying for them!
Concerning our international missions in review this year, we have changed our name from Gospel For Haiti, to Gospel For The Nations. This change is to better communicate what we are actually doing around the world. We are small, but we are effective, through prayer, in making disciples, sharing the Gospel, and in getting Bibles out to many nations, including recently the Middle East. This year we have seen dozens of people saved and ministered in Ecuador and Haiti. Hundreds upon hundreds of Bibles have gone out! It seems this year through multiple divine appointments God had his highlighter on repairing wells, and drilling wells concerning the compassion aspect of our ministry. Haitians have a saying… “Dlo se lavi” “Water is Life”. This is true, and Jesus is our true Life Giving Water.
Concerning the spiritual side, we continue to disciple believers, preach services, and have evangelical outreaches/street witnessing in Haiti, Ecuador, Springfield, Missouri and where ever else the Lord leads. The evangelical outreaches include showing of the Jesus Film, where the Gospel is portrayed by means of film, and then a time for repentance and belief/obedience follows. 
This past particular trip to Haiti, we saw 23 people give their hearts to the Lord! Praise God for the change that will happen as these are obedient to the Lord.  One of those saved was older teenager who was at the hospital visiting someone. This young man named “Dave”, was going to church, but really never committed it’s heart and life to the Lord. He did so with excitement and anticipation, and God saved him!
On the compassion side this past trip to Haiti, we drilled two public wells. These wells were drilled and cased, but we still need the pumps, pipe, and concrete purchased (about $3000 total), which will (Lord permitting) be installed on the next trip coming up soon. This literally is a life changing operation for those living in these villages. Its a physical picture of what God is doing as the Life Giving Water! He is changing lives!
Thank you so much for those who have been committed for  months or even years to see the great commission done around the world! We believe God is pleased and blessing you for your efforts in prayer, encouragement, and giving. Thank you! Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope 2022 is our best year ever for seeing God do awesome things with us and for you!

The beginnings of people gathering before dark. 11 were saved at this outreach! This village is out there! The roads were so bad, even the Haitians were concerned we would flip over! God’s grace has always propelled us forward despite the oppositions.

These ladies are learning to sew!  They will be helping make uniforms for our sponsored kids this summer! They are also the leaders in planning the woman’s conference at the beginning of January.  I am looking forward to being the keynote speaker next year because there is so much fire and passion springing from this event. God will most certainly show up with this much expectation! If you want to give to this event, we still have time to send the money to assist in this conference! They are planning on 150 women attending. I believe they will surpass that number! Please keep this conference in your prayers as God reminds you!

Sunday night service in Tinot. Teaching them on the gifts of the Body.

A Sunday morning service where God was working. Preached on psalm 37. We all continue to praise God for the building where to meet. The addition of the Sunday school classrooms have been used weekly and will be used tons for the conference in January as well! Praise the Lord!

We have two wells that look like this…please make a note when you give and designate it to the well project!  The lady next door is quite the doorway to the enemy. She was coming over and breaking bottles and doing voodoo to get attention and whatever the enemy was seeking to do through her. BUT God who always leads us in a triumphal procession in Christ allowed us to get it drilled and cased! We got these done at a very good price! An amazing price! $6000 for two! Praise God who helps us do what we do.  I met the guy who does wells in Haiti on the plane and only God can set this stuff up!  Praise

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