2020 in Haiti

In January, Gospel for Haiti is planning on being prayed up and going into the countryside and mountains of Haiti for one month. We will evangelize everyday for 31 days and as God leads. We are planning on traveling on back paths to some of the most difficult places to reach in Haiti, all with the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

For 31 days we will need your over-and-above support, with prayers, as we ship Bibles, tracts, and supplies needed for this journey. The group going will consist of Darrell and one or two Haitians. We will have a rear guard support bringing us supplies as we need them. We plan on using the truck, our feet, and a motocross motorcycle to get around.

Each day we will ask specific people in the states to heartily pray for divine connections with both large groups, and the lonely widows. We will go in to a village, find a home of peace and then totally cover that surrounding area in Jesus with God’s help. We hope over the course of that month to cover a 20-square-mile area (both sparsely and heavily populated areas) with preaching, praying, and sharing tracts, Bibles, and the JESUS Film.

Each day Darrell will be keeping a journal to record the journey, then he plans to share snippets of the journey daily for 31 days when we return to tell of God’s goodness to us each day. These areas are very diverse in what a particular community holds on to and truly believes. Our hope is to direct many to following the Lord Jesus.

To those who have donated and prayed in the past, we would like to meet with you to get you on the calendar for your particular day of prayer and support. This costs money (I want to pay every Haitian that works for us) and will require a lot of prayer. We want to be ready, and I think God is already smiling about what His people will do in January!! Let’s have lunch or spend time on the phone and fill this calendar with prayer and support!

At least 2020 lives radically impacted for Jesus!
What is your part? Your life group’s part? Please send us out in a manner worthy of the Lord! Please contact us with one of the options here!

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