December 2018

Switching it up

We switched it up and put a TV on the Tacoma to evangelize with the Jesus Film one week recently. Seventeen people responded to the altar call, and some of those came for first-time salvation. It was a good night. Praise God! Evangelism is easy compared to discipleship. Discipleship can and does take a while. …

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Think About It

“A fascinating study done by Professor Vicky MedVic reveals the relative importance of subjective attitudes over and above subject of circumstances. MedVic studied Olympic medalists and discovered that bronze medalists were quantifiably happier than silver medalists. Here’s why: Silver medalists tended to focus on how close they came to win gold, so they weren’t satisfied …

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Dry Idea

As I was sitting in Pastor Direct’s church, preparing to preach, I noticed that about the last 1/3 of the church roof which had previously been open was now covered with metal because of your donations. I thought, “How wonderful it is for the church body to be able to worship and stay dry even …

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