2016 March Trip

Thanks for praying for the needs of these people. God is really doing some cool things in Haiti. Your prayers make the advancement of the Gospel move forward….truly!

I will be flying into Port au Prince on the 6th of March and staying till the 15th.

IMG_2491Please pray for money for Bibles to come in over the course of next week. Bible money will go to both the book form and also an audio Bible called “Proclaimers”. We gave two test “Proclaimers” to two pastors. Both of them now use them in IMG_2709their church at least weekly for times of hearing the Word for those who can’t read and those who just want to “Hear” the Word.

IMG_2461We want to do this in every church we work with! We will buy (book) Bibles when we arrive in Port. Last time we got the New Testaments for 60 cents each!!! Praise God! Pray we will continue to find favor with the distributor. These Bibles are given to those who respond at the JESUS film.

During the week we will not only show the JESUS Film in the evening, but we will help the people with agricultural needs with Agronomists from MSU during the day.

Pray for Salvations among the team members as well because it may be that not all are saved. Please also pray for unity in the team!

Thanks so much! People’s lives will change this trip! God bless your family!!!

Till the whole world hears,
Darrell Tonsing

P.S. If you feel led to give to the ongoing need for Bibles, please give online and let us know where you want your giving designated, otherwise it will be assumed to be support for the mission overall. As you spread seed, be abundantly blessed!!

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