15 days and counting!!!

Map of Haiti zoomed


Thank you for remembering us in prayer! How good God has been to us. 15 days until we leave!! Woo HOO!

We continue to round up supplies and make contacts with those in Haiti for the purpose of doing ministry, buying Bibles, and learning the language and culture while we are there.

Please imagine taking your family to a foreign country for nearly 2 months. It requires a lot of things to come together! Every time we go and minister, it has been so cool to see what God does. A lot of miracles happen in Haiti, but there are also a lot of difficult things as well. Sickness is a biggie, not only for our family, but also for the people we minister to. If you have read the book of Acts lately, they faced many dangers as they ministered in different area evangelizing. Again, please remember us in prayer.

We do hope in God that our labor will not be in vain; that people will be saved, and discipled, people will be healed, and given new hope. We also pray that many people will receive Bibles in areas where they are so hard to get. Thank you for your support!

Hope to post again soon!

Thank you and blessings on you!

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Till the whole world hears,

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