I want to tell you a story. The art of storytelling in America has waned, but people have not lost their ongoing need for stories to be shared. Jesus was a story teller, and if Jesus wanted to, He would make one up that fit the truth He was seeking to communicate. Storytelling is so important to really know the deeper truths going on. 
   Let me tell you a story of a witchdoctor and God’s hand to save him. His name is Macel.  When we arrived in Tinot about 5 years ago, there was no Church meeting, and there was a fair share of Voodoo happening in that place.  There had in the past been different pastors that had tried to start and maintain a fellowship meeting in that area, but the work of evil can oftentimes discourage, intimidate and cause good people to quit what God has called them to.
So when we moved into the area, we saw the need for a fellowship of believers to be meeting together, and so start a church is exactly what God called us to do. The presence of the Church is important because without the Body, how will people be saved?  So Macel’s wife, the wife of a witchdoctor, started attending our new church at that time and got saved soon after. Then after a little bit of time the daughter of Macel  (Nelande) got saved, then the son in law (Nizon) got saved, and then others in the community. Every time someone in Macel’s family got saved, Macel would get angry. Perhaps it was because of feeling betrayed, because those closest to him, who are supposed to be faithful to the core family  (especially in Haitian culture) are going the exact opposite direction he is going. Macel is no doubt feeling alone.

So, fast forward to present day, we knew of a well that hasn’t been working for some time right beside Macel’s house. The Lord put on our hearts the need for the well being repaired, but more importantly, the potential impact that this would have on Macel’s heart and how he perceived God and the people of God. So while we were repairing the well, I said to Macel in front of them all, “So, are you going to give thanks and praise to God for doing this well?”  “Macel, eske ou pral bay Bondye glwa e di Li mesi pou tiyo a?”  His response shocked us all; not only did he thank God for the well, but he got in the middle of the circle of people gathered there and began to say many of the good things that God does in general. He was preaching in his own unsaved way of being thankful. Maybe he will be a future preacher! A very cool time indeed.
Thank you for continuing to pray for this family and for his salvation in particular. We believe that as we pray God will save him soon. When God comes into an area, evil has to flee! This is not a question of “if” voodoo has to go, but “when”. We are praying Macel is saved but either way, the evil must go! Tinot is a village of righteousness and peace. This is our area, and our God has all authority. We take that authority and say how it will be by faith. 
It is exciting to watch God doing things in this area, and I know God will continue to work as we pray to Him. Praise God, we got water for the people, but I can’t help but think all the time God is looking to pour the Living Water into the heart of the witchdoctor Macel. God did all that work in record time and under budget! The people of the village and people who walk by are super excited about this close source of water! Praise God!

In other exciting news, Gospel for Haiti is going to Ecuador! June 9th we will be leaving for South America to see what God would have us to do in that area of the world.  I believe God has big plans as we continue to branch out into other areas. Our main focus will remain in Haiti, but God is leading to help in other places too!

Please pray for these various needs:
~Pastors Johncy and Dumanot in prayer as they lead the people in the church day to day in Tinot Haiti.
~Pray that we are able to complete the transaction for a piece of land in Haiti for the purpose of planting crops and perhaps drilling a well in lower Tinot this fall.
~Pray that as we encourage and pray for the pastors, they will be strengthened to continue the work with passion.
~Safe travels as we travel to Ecuador June 9th (My good friend Pedro leaves June 1st)
~Pray that our area would be well watered, and very fruitful as we pray for God’s blessing.
~About a year ago, I sensed God spoke to me about a name change for the ministry. We have been “Gospel for Haiti” for about 5 years, but we have ministered to, supported, and gone with missionaries as they go out to many nations, not just Haiti. For this reason, I would like to pray that if God wants our Name changed to “Gospel for the Nations”, we would start the process, should the board approve unanimously. This name change would better reflect what we are doing around the world. Places like, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and now Ecuador!

I would like to introduce you to my friend and brother, Pedro Rodriguez. I have invited Pedro to be on our board, and I think he will be a great asset to our ministry. Hopefully our partnership will be a blessing to his ministry as well. I will be flying to join with him in his village in Ecuador to minister there for a week. I look forward to meeting the people, and introduce them to you in our next newsletter as we begin to pray into this area of the world!  Thank you for your financial and prayer support! I imagine people clapping and cheering for you in heaven who were saved as a result of your investment into this ministry around the world! I know we will be praising the Lord but I’m okay with people thanking us so we can in-turn return all the praise to God!

Please feel free to let your friends who have a heart for missions know about this ministry, we would love to add them to this newsletter as well! Peace!

Thank you so much!
Until the whole world hears,

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