Removing the cactus, getting ready for the Freedom Center in Tinot!
David Way accompanied Darrell on this last trip. We had good times of ministry and good laughs.

Thank you for remembering us in prayer. We are on a crucial mission in an area with desperate people whom God loves. We praise God for you!

The man on the right rededicated his heart to the Lord!

Recently, we went back to Haiti and did what we have been instructed to do: pray and share the Gospel with a dying world. While we were in the process of that mission, many opportunities to show God’s kindness came into our path, including when one person received the Lord and one person rededicated his heart to the Lord. The latter spent the day with us while we were down near Port au Prince. We look forward to connecting with him and continuing to encourage his faith.

Darrell preaching near Vincent
This man received Jesus as Lord!

While we were there, we finished up the land deal for the extra acre of land where the “Freedom Center” in Tinot will be. This building will be a place for us to make disciples in many ways when we are on the ground and will double as a full-time church for the people of Tinot. Perhaps one day it will also be a school where children will learn about the Lord and have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their potential for His kingdom. This group of church folk are the people with whom we live and work most often while we are in Haiti; they are delightful. I truly hope you have the opportunity soon to meet them face to face; for sure, one day you will!

View from the back of the new land for the Freedom Center in Tinot. (On the right is the bamboo structure (with the blue tarp) where the church is currently meeting.)

Lord willing, this next trip in October, we hope to have all the funds we need to build the foundation and pillars of this building. Please be in contact with me or visit here if you would like to give to support this project. I imagine one day in heaven, we will say, “I’m so glad I invested in this Freedom Center! People were saved!!! Lives were changed!!! Worship was continual and children were schooled!! God gets all the Glory for what was done!!” Our goal is $20,000. We are not going to do a specific fundraiser this time, but rather pray and wait for it to come in as God touches the hearts of our people and as Gospel for Haiti has the means to fund the project as well. Donors have contributed about 20% of that so far. We just received another donated car which should value about $1000. Almost all the donated items we’ve received — vehicles, furniture, a hot tub – were given because a Gospel for Haiti supporter told the potential donor that we receive these items and use the funds to support the work in Haiti. Your referral can and does make a huge difference in what we do on the ground. If God puts something on your heart to give, don’t delay. As well, please pray with us for God’s favor to do what He has us called to do. We are making a difference, but we aren’t called to do anything alone! Thanks for remembering us!

Kids in the school sponsorship program at Savanne Tabac

In addition, we are so grateful to have partners that join with us in helping the kids in our sponsorship program in Savanne Tabac. Help from our partners make these sponsorship funds go even farther. This help includes vitamins, backpacks, and some school supplies! Thank you to James River Church, Family Pharmacy, and Sammy’s Window for this partnership. Also, a big thank you to Project H.O.P.E. for helping with shipping items to Haiti as well.

We love you all. It looks like the Lord’s return is closer than ever, and we must be about the Master’s business!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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